Sunday, September 23, 2007

Daily Dose - Photo Day 23

A typical morning for me consists of coffee and the computer, after that, it's more coffee and cereal time!

Other Stuff
On Friday night Kevin and I bought a new kitchen table and chairs. I can't even tell you how excited I am!!! We've had the same crap table since college (which was a while ago!) so it will be wonderful to have something that's nice and new! We never bought a set at our previous house because we knew it wouldn't be our permanent home - and we didn't want to spend the money and then move only to find that what we bought wouldn't work at the new place... so we waited. The wait is just about over because it will be delivered on Tuesday... which won't get here soon enough. It is going to be perfect - I'm thrilled!!!

In other non-eventful and unexciting news... my sinuses are killing me. Between yesterday and today... ugh!

That's about it!

Happy Sunday!

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Rhona said...

I know where you are with the sinus problem, I've had it all last week and felt awful. Feeling a bit better today. Wish Weight Watchers did cinnamon clusters over here ;) Have a good day!