Thursday, September 13, 2007

Daily Dose - Photo Day 13

I'm showing my age a bit with today's photo... I use to listen to these records when I was a kid!

Creativity: A Daily Dose
Just a reminder, there are two chats scheduled tomorrow if you are taking this class. They are at 8am PST and 6pm PST. The chat room is in the classroom. If you need a time zone converter, you can find one here.

Today 's Agenda
I am cleaning like a fool! I did a quick, wipe down type of clean to the bathrooms when we moved into the house. Today I am doing the complete and thorough, scrubbing of all the crevices type of clean. Holy crap on a cracker Batman - it's a big undertaking! Did the people before us never clean? blech!

This Weekend
We've got company coming tomorrow! Our first guests to our new house... we're not completely unpacked but whatever! I'm still excited! I get to see my mama!

Okay - that's it for me!

Have a great Thursday!


Rhona said...

Good luck with the cleaning - not my favourite job! Great that you get to see you mum! Hope we see some photos. Have a great weekend. Any idea what the time difference is between PST and UK time?

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i'm right there with ya...i have some of my records from when i was in elementary school, not those in particular, but from around that same time, so you're NOT that old. i recognize them=0)

Lisa said...

I know what you mean about cleaning (or not). We just moved into a house and the sellers did not clean at all when they moved out. So gross! Had to have maids and carpet cleaners in to clean the place and i'm still going to clean again! :)