Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Creativity: A Daily Dose

Registration is officially open for my new workshop, Creativity: A Daily Dose. yeah! The supplies I used are up at (not all are required though). To find out what is required, check out the supply list. I’m thrilled to be teaching another workshop for BPS to say the least and can’t wait for September 1st to get here!

Edited to add: Daily Dose is similar to my 28 Days class in structure but all the projects are brand new!!! All of the photo assignments are brand new except for two (maybe three). I did that purposely because they're of things that can change often. Even though it's the same assignment, it's not necessarily the same photo so I still wanted to include it.

Big Picture is also doing a fun, Colorful Summer promotion during August. Best of all, it’s free! Be sure to check it out and be inspired.

Here's to a great August!


Kate said...

Hi! I took your 28 Days class awhile back and loved it. The "Daily Dose" looks similar and I am interested. Are the projects/prompts different? Thanks!

kinchina said...

How funny, I just read your comment on my blog and I thought I would come over and post on yours only to learn that I signed up for your class at BPS yesterday! I can't wait to see the fun you have planned for us!

Kate said...

THanks for the update Gretchen. I totally loved the format of the 28 Days class, so I'm all over this one too! :-) Looking forward to it!