Friday, May 11, 2007

I am not a hand model

It has been a busy week… rewarding but full! This week I learned I am not a hand model! There are a few projects for my class that need some help being displayed… I am getting my hands in way more shots than I care to. It's almost amusing! almost. As far as my progress, I am right where I want to be… this is a good thing (woo! hoo!)! My mind is in total creative and productivity mode. My class is slated for September by the way but registration will start before that… I’m not sure when it will officially go up on the BPS site though.

Enjoy your weekend!


Chasity said...

glad you're at least being productive & creative! :) can't wait to see the class. :)

Megan H. said...

You mean I have to wait until September for your next class? I don't know how I'll be able to wait that long! Have a wonderful weekend.

Rhonacs said...

Happy Mother's Day, hope you have a good one. Looking forward to seeing the details on your class so hope they're posted sooner rather than later - loved the 28 days class!

Gillian said...

Okay, I LOVE you Mother's Day card. SUPER cute!

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