Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom. Lucky us, it rained in the afternoon! We only got one character shot on this day (thank you Donald!). We were in line for Mickey and Minni when it started raining again really hard and they said the duo had to go back in side... of course it was our turn next so Mr. Drew was a bit upset. See the pretty princess headband he's got on... we did not by him that (I was tempted to though!)... he loved it! lol! Drew *did not* like the Snow White ride, it scared him to death! I did learn that Fast Pass is your friend!

Happy Tuesday!

more tomorrow...


Greta said...

great pics girl

Gayla said...

It was so much more fun back in the day when you just "happened on" the characters roaming around the park. I hated when they put them in "locations" and you had to start standing in line to see them. My girls would stand in line for Pooh and friends and for Mickey but not for "anyone" else. Over the years we always got our best character pictures at the character breakfasts and dinners.

becky said...

great pictures! looks like an awesome time :)

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