Friday, July 28, 2006

MGM Studios

These are the last of our vacation photos. I have to say that I enjoyed MGM the most... everything just seemed to work out perfectly. We got to certain lines just in time, got the right Fast Passes, met a lot of characters without having to wait forever, saw some shows... it was darn near perfect! Drew finally got excited about meeting the characters when he found out he could meet the Little Einsteins. Out of all the rides we went on that scared Drew, the one that terrified him so bad that Kevin had to take him out was the Indiana Jones show (the fire scared him!). We had an awesome Mickey! Drew asked Mickey if he could touch the brooms (we were in a room and they were like the ones from Fantasia) and Mickey took him by the hand to touch them. The big kids, who thought they were to big for characters, about tripped over themselves when they realized they could meet Mike and Sully from Monsters and they were both really excited to take a picture with the Green Army Men.

I am so thankful that we took this trip. Our first real family vacation. I have to say that going with a single guy was a smart move... Brian kept us moving along, we got to see and do so much. I don't think we would have done so much if it just would have been Kevin and I with the kids. It was also nice knowing that there was one adult per child so no one got lost. I couldn't asked for anything more.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Downtown Disney

We went to Downtown Disney on two different days. It was more for filler than anything but it was a lot of fun still. Loaded up on souvenirs (the kids had Disney dollars to spend...), got some food, and window shopped. Legoland was very cool! We ALL loved Disney Quest. Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle for Buccaneer Gold interactive game was WAY cool! Drew went with Kevin and Brian and the big kids were with me. Kev said that Drew just ran around the ship pulling the cord for the canons... I can just imagine, lol! The big boys (aka Kevin and Brian) enjoyed reliving their youth playing all the video games.

that's it for today, more tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Animal Kingdom & Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was interesting... but only because of my shoe fiasco. After about 15 minutes of being at the park, my foot felt weird... I look down and the bottom part of my shoe has decided to come off... about 1/4 of it, just hanging there. Okay fine... I'll deal with it. About 10 minutes later, I hear flop flop, flop flop... what the heck? Now the bottom of my shoe is 3/4 of the way off. I am so embarrassed. flop flop. Everywhere we go, I am on the look out for flip flops... they were all over Magic Kinddom, why wouldn't they be at Animal Kingdom right? Finally I decide to ask at one of the many souvenier stands... oh, those were back in wherever land... great. so I flop flopped around all of Animal Kingdom.

We napped in the afternoon. Then Brian and I went to Target where I bought some new shoes... because really, with the sole of your shoe flop floppin', well, that's just not cool.

We headed to Magic Kingdom to see the night time parade. We got stuck for about 2 hours because of more rain. Drew found some Mickey ears (no princess head bands for us thank you very much!). My new shoes rocked Magic Kingdom by the way, lol!

Happy Wednesday! Have a good one!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom. Lucky us, it rained in the afternoon! We only got one character shot on this day (thank you Donald!). We were in line for Mickey and Minni when it started raining again really hard and they said the duo had to go back in side... of course it was our turn next so Mr. Drew was a bit upset. See the pretty princess headband he's got on... we did not by him that (I was tempted to though!)... he loved it! lol! Drew *did not* like the Snow White ride, it scared him to death! I did learn that Fast Pass is your friend!

Happy Tuesday!

more tomorrow...