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My Creative Resume


Hi everyone, I’m Gretchen. I’m a wife and stay at home mom of three (two of which are teenagers and always seem to need a ride somewhere!). I started scrapbooking in 1999 and feel truly blessed to have found such an amazing hobby and passion. I want to encourage others to enjoy the scrapbooking process, remember there is no right or wrong when it comes to creating, and never compare yourself to others – remember scrapbooking and your memories are for you and your family. I’ve been lucky enough to participate in various parts of the industry throughout the years, from being published, teaching, and guest designing. Creating is such an amazing outlet; I don’t know what I would do without it. Honestly, I think it helps keep me sane!

10 random things about me:
  • I love Mondays… seriously!
  • Mexican food is awesome.
  • I’m a huge fan of Diet Coke.
  • My favorite color is lime green (which also happens to be the color of my scrapbook room).
  • I love my elliptical!
  • I’d probably be lost without kraft cardstock.
  • I’ve got a thing for Classic Rock.
  • I made Lemon Chicken once… once… it’s an incident my family will never let me live down.
  • I talk a lot.
  • I’m a morning person (my husband is not… to bad for him I talk a lot!).
Feel free to spend some more time on my blog and follow me on Twitter. Also, please feel free to view my layouts and projects. A list of my design team experience, teaching, and past publications may be seen below*. If you have any questions or inquiries about freelance design work, please feel free to contact me.

Design Teams, Guest Spots, and Extra Stuff

Teaching: Big Picture Scrapbooking
  • Big Picture Scrapbooking – Teacher, December 2005 - November 2008
  • Big Wig Bash 2008 - contributing designer
  • 28 Days (2008)
  • Childhood Memories - project now!
  • Creativity: A Daily Dose, September 2007
  • Colorful Summer, August 2007- contributing designer
  • 28 Days, February 2007
  • 12 Days of Christmas with MyBook, December 2006 - contributing designer
  • Thanksgiving Memories, November 2006
  • Halloween Memories, October 2006
  • Summer Fun, August 2006 - contributing designer
  • Childhood Memories, May 2006
Published Projects
  • CardMaker Magazine – November 2006, “Believe in Joy” (p.74).
  • Stamp It! Cards – 2006, “Circles & Spirals” (p.73).
  • Paper Crafts Remodeled – Paper Crafts Magazine special issue – “Goals, Hopes, and Dreams Book” (p. 24)
  • Cards Magazine from Scrapbook Trends – March/April 2006, “Hey, What’s Up?” (p.94)
  • CardMaker Magazine – November 2005, “Little Notes” (p.56).
  • Holiday Cards & Wrap, Vol. 2, Paper Crafts Magazine special issue - “Old Fashioned Christmas Tag” (p.49). Featured as an Online Bonus Project.
  • Stamp It! – Summer/Fall 2005, “Celebrate with Color” (p.34).
  • Paper Trends – June/July 2005, “Autograph Book” (p.64-65).
  • CardMaker Magazine – May 2005, “Bridal Shower” (p. 87).
  • Tag Creations (Paper Crafts Magazine) – “Udderly Moovalous!” (p.23) and “Everyday Assortment” (p.30).
  • Stamp It! Cards – “Cock a Doodle Doo” (p.23), “Happy 18th” (p.33), “Smell the Flowers” (p.34), “For You, Grandma” (p.54), “Safe Trip” (p.56), “Flower Tag Thank You” (p.71), “Missing You This Thanksgiving” (p.76).
  • Paper Crafts Magazine – March 2005, “Just the Girls” card (p.76)
  • Paper Crafts Magazine – February 2005, “Door Hanger Delivery Box” (p.76).
  • Paper Crafts Magazine – Dec 2004/Jan 2005, “Goals, Hopes, and Dreams” book (p.20-21) shown at right.
  • Stamp It! – Winter 2004, “Noel” and “Joy” cards (p.41)
  • Ready, Set, Create! – October/November 2004, “Happy Turkey Day” (p.24), “Fall Fun,” “Hi Sunflower Card,” and “Howdy” card (p.25) 
  • Paper Crafts Magazine – November 2004, “Santa Chex His List” tag (p.30) shown at right.
  • Paper Crafts Magazine – October 2004, “Favorite Recipes Flip Book” (p.74-75)
  • Ready, Set, Create! – August/September 2004, “Rooster Candles” (p.31)
  • Paper Crafts Magazine – August/September 2004, “Hello My Friend, Hello!” card (p.71)
  • Card Creations Vol. 2 (Paper Crafts Magazine) – “Pewter, Vellum, & Patchwork” card (p.18) and “Get Well Bouquet” card (p.77)
  • Kids’ Crafts – Stickers, Stampin’ & Scrappin’ (Paper Crafts Magazine) – “You’re Toadally Awesome” and “I Wuf You Grandpa” cards (p.21)
  • Scrap Tutor Volume II – “Nathan” (Technique: Negative Space), “Smiling Happy Baby” (Technique: Pockets). Scrap Tutor™ is a division of  Scrapjazz, LLC.
  • Totally Titles Two (Pine Cone Press) – “The Mud” (p.9), “Grandma Frances” (p.14), “Gretchen” tag (p.21), “Bruiser” (p.21), “Three Generations” (p.30), and “True Beauty” (p.32)
  • Paper Crafts Magazine – April/May 2004, “High-Topped Greeting” (p.60)
  • Paper Crafts Magazine – March 2004, “Butterfly Dreams” (p.18)
  • Paper Crafts Magazine – February 2004, “Love Coupons” book and “Love” tag (p.58)
  • Holiday Cards & Wrap (Crafts Magazine) - "Joy, Peace, Love" tag and "Green Wreath" tag (p.58)
  • Titles and Borders (Scrapbook Sampler Idea Book, Volume Three) - "Happy Birthday" (p.25)
  • Card Creations (Crafts Magazine) - "Miss You" Card and "Friends" Tag (p.17)
  • The Tag & Eyelet Book (Pine Cone Press) - "The Roof" (p.28)
  • Cards with Buttons, Bows, Strings and Things (Pine Cone Press) - "Congratulations" (p.5), "Stitched Christmas Tree" (p.9), and "It's A Boy" (p.33)
  • Paper Crafts (Crafts Magazine) - "You're Lucky" tag (p.84)
  • Ivy Cottage Creations - August/September 2002, "Andrew's First Bath"
  • Paperkuts - August/September 2001, "Summer of the Bubbles"
  • Ivy Cottage Creations - June/July 2001, "Happy Father's Day"
  • Paperkuts - June/July 2000, in the Group Therapy section, "Friends"
  • Paperkuts - April/May 2000, in The Final Cut, "Me"

  • Lawnscaping Challenge #1 – 1st place, January 2011
  • Hero Arts - Fresh Face, August 13, 2009
  • Scrapping 'N' Style -  Favorite Christmas Contest (December 2004, Second Place), “The Best Early Christmas”
  • Scrapping 'N' Style – June Starlet
  • Scrapping 'N' Style – May Sketch Layout Contest winner for “Through the Eyes of Drew”
  • Mustard Moon - Layout Contest (October 2002, Third Place), "Amazing Discoveries"
  • Creative Express - Monthly Contest (September 2002, Third Place), "Amazing Discoveries"
  • - Monthly Contest, (February 2001, Second Place), "That's Our Boy"
  • - Monthly Contest, (November 2000, Third Place), "Santa"
  • Handmade Scraps - Monthly Layout Contest (August 2000, First Place), "Playing Dress Up"
  • Pebbles in My Pocket - Paperkins Page Design Contest Honorable Mention (July 2000), "Happy Fathers Day"
  • ScrapsAhoy -  Monthly Contest (June 2003, First Place), "My Friend, My Brother"
*I’ve been scrapbooking and paper crafting a while so some of the publications and sites mentioned might not be around any more but since I like to be thorough, I listed them all.

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